Advocacy Council: Call for Nominations


NYC NOWC’s Advocacy Council was initiated in 2016 to better represent the interests and needs of worker-owners in local advocacy efforts. They are an elected body who develop strategy and participate in campaigns to better support worker owners within NYC. Members of the Council are committed to:

  • engaging with the worker cooperative supporter and advocacy networks in NYC
  • participating in advocacy efforts, campaigns and subgroups
  • receiving feedback from worker owners and reporting back at NYC NoWC gatherings. 

NOTE: Because Advocacy Council is representative of all worker owners within NYC they do not need to be NYCNoWC members, they are only required to be worker owners residing in NYC. 

NYCNoWC’s Role

NYC NOWC, will provide the orientation, training and materials necessary for Council members to learn about the worker cooperative network, co-op policy and other topics as needed, and will coordinate logistics to ensure that Council members can attend all related events and meetings. 

Compensation & Benefits 

Advocacy Council members are paid an hourly rate of $25/hour for a total of 100 hours of participation per fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th).

Advocacy Council members receive reimbursement for phone and internet for meetings and events related to this program of up to $100 total per fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th).

Role and Commitments of Full Advocacy Council

  • Attend Advocacy Council trainings and meetings
  • Attend and help facilitate NYCNoWC policy-related programs/events
  • Learn about NYC and NY State Cooperative Advocacy process and existing efforts
  • Participate in at least one subgroup of the Council for Policy, Space, OR Immigration 
  • Build relationships and meet with key allies and organizations
  • Conduct research to move priorities forward
  • Meet with city and state legislators and lead the Co-op Fair/advocacy day
  • Meet and communicate with other cooperatives about issues; Support strategy sessions/assemblies with other cooperatives as well as a borough-based group in coordinating town halls/borough-based meetings
  • Support future NYC NOWC Advocacy Councils

(Approx 70 Hours for new members over the fiscal year)

Advocacy Council is Actively Looking For

  • NYC-based Black, Indigenous, People of Color Worker-Owners
  • Bilingual folks (English/Spanish) (not required) 
  • Technologically proficient (not required) 
  • Folks who are dedicated to advancing policy for worker owners within NYC and beyond and excited to learn more
  • Able to attend regular meetings at least 2 a month for 2 hours each  
  • Folks exciting about facilitating and advancing the work on immigration and space within a subgroup (not required) 

Advocacy Council’s Current Work 

  • Full Group Meetings (meets every other month)
  • Policy Subgroup (meets every month)
  • Immigration Subgroup (meets quarterly) 
  • Space Subgroup (on pause due to COVID)

Campaigns they take part in/ have supported in getting a win! 

NYC Budget Justice→Local & national coalition of over 200 organizations that demand a $1 billion cut of the NYPD’s expense budget and the reallocation of those monies to core service programs and infrastructure for Black, Latinx and other communities of color.
Campaign for NY Health→Statewide coalition dedicated to passing and implementing legislation for universal healthcare in New York State.
Greenlight NY →Statewide campaign to ensure equal access to driver’s licenses, regardless of immigration status. WIN
#CancelRent: NY Housing Justice for All →A statewide movement of tenants and homeless New Yorkers united in our fight for housing as a human right.
Equity Agenda→Solutions-oriented coalition & platform to transform how New York State approaches economic development policy, by putting people before profit and communities before corporations.
United Small Business NYC→A coalition of community organizations across New York City fighting to protect small businesses and non-residential tenants from the threat of displacement, with a focus on owner-operated, minority-run businesses that serve low-income and minority communities.
Start SMART NY – (Sensible Marijuana Access through Regulated Trade)→Campaign dedicated to ending marijuana prohibition in New York.
Wins: With the passage of MRTA, marijuana became legal in NY State. With this came the passage of 10 licenses, including the first cooperative license in the country, to cultivate, process, and manufacture. 
Fund Excluded Workers (FEW) Coalition→A campaign of over 200 New York advocacy groups,
Wins: After one year of actions across the state, we won a first-in-the-nation $2.1 billion Excluded Workers Fund!
Public Bank Campaign→A municipal public bank campaign rooted in economic and racial justice. Through public banking, NYC can divest from Wall Street banks, reinvest public deposits to support equitable and cooperative development, and promote transparency and accountability in municipal finance.
Defund ICE/Police→A movement to defund the carceral state and reinvest in communities.
New York City Community Land Initiative (NYCCLI)→broad city-based movement for permanently-affordable housing and community control over land, homes, and commercial spaces


  • Nov 4 – Call for Nominations Go Live!
  • Nov 21 – Deadline for Nominations
  • Nov 22-Nov 28 -Candidates Complete Ballot Form 
  • Dec 6 – Ballot Distributed for Voting
  • *Dec 16- Policy Forum 6pm via Zoom  
  • Candidates are required to share a short 1 min introduction live or prerecorded and share why they want to be an Advocacy Council Member
  • Dec 21 – Voting Close
  • January – New Members are announced
  • Term begins February 2022 – June 30, with reinstatement starting July 1

If you have any questions please contact Sade Swift, Advocacy Council Coordinator, 

Board Nominee

Let us know if you'd be interested or know someone who you think would be a great addition to our board.


Háganos saber si estaría interesado o si conoce a alguien que crea que sería una gran adición a nuestra junta.

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