Cooperative Quick Fund

Our piloted, Cooperative Emergency Fund member benefit program was first launched during the summer of 2022. The purpose of this program was to provide needed emergency funds to worker co-ops that were struggling financially and/or were experiencing an unplanned crisis. By the end of the year, NYC NoWC had four different worker cooperative businesses apply and receive support through this fund.

Given the level of membership engagement, we are proud to announce that we will be relaunching this program. We will also be renaming it the Cooperative Quick Fund (CQF).

Our goal is to create wholesome programs that build the confidence of working class people operating worker co-ops businesses. Our hope is to see more and more cooperative businesses take steps, strolls and leaps to make worker cooperative futures a viable option for people, especially BIPOC, immigrant, LGBQ and Trans communities.   

The Cooperative Quick Fund (CQF) is a year-long fund that caters to time sensitive/ emergency based requests. Worker Cooperatives will have access to a maximum of $500 a year as long as it coincides with the cost of what is being funded.

*Cooperatives can only apply once during the fiscal year (July–June)*


  • Must be a worker cooperative business (startup or an operating worker-owned business)
  • The business must be based out of NYC 


If your worker cooperative business is interested in the Cooperative Quick Fund apply here.

Please email or call NYC NoWC Director of Membership Emmanuel Pardilla to confirm receipt of application at or 917-349-6457.  


  1. I have only spent an amount below $500. Can I still access the remaining funds up to $500 within the year?

No. There is not a set amount that is awarded to worker coops. Rather, the CEF will cover the cost of what is being proposed for funding by the awardee. 

  1. How long should I wait to apply again for the CEF?

Worker Cooperatives will have to wait until the end of the fiscal year (end of June) to reapply. 

  1. I am interested in receiving more than $500. What should I do?

NYC NOWC will review your application to create options for the applicant. But we may turn the applicant down and recommend applying for the Cooperative Sustainability Fund (CSF) instead.  

  1. Can a worker owner apply without the permission of the worker cooperative?

No. CEF is a NYC NOWC member benefit and our members are worker cooperatives and organizations. We urge worker-owners to apply, already having consent from their worker cooperative business.