Finance Community of Practice: Call for Applications

NYC NoWC is pleased to announce a pilot Community of Practice for those responsible for finances within their cooperatives. 

This opportunity is open specifically to Spanish-speaking worker owners who are members of their finance committee, or hope to be, to apply to this 6 month community of practice.  The community of practice will include time to discuss financial challenges worker owners are facing and workshop possible strategies to approach them.  It will also include at least 3 trainings that will be tailored to the needs of worker owners. 

Below are more details about the program, and a link to the application.  Please submit this application no later than December 19th!

Who should apply?

  • One application per coop
  • At least 2-3 members of your cooperative, so that you can collaboratively bring back lessons to your coops
  • Spanish speakers
  • At least one applicant should be the person or people who currently work on your cooperative finances.
  • Others that can apply:
  • Members who have worked on the finances in the past
  • Members who are interested in working on the finances in the future

Some possible training topics could include:

  • Quickbooks Online support: data entry and reporting
  • Quickbooks Desktop support: data entry and reporting
  • Profit-sharing and capital accounts
  • How to read financial reports
  • How to create engaging financial reports to involve full coop membership
  • Group budgeting processes


  • The community of practice will meet once a month from January – June.  Exact times and dates will be determined by availability of participants.
  • All participants will receive an $100 stipend if they attend at least 4 out of the 6 sessions.
  • Max of 10-15 cooperatives
  • This year will be a pilot program for Spanish speakers.  We hope to expand the program in future years.


  • Deadline for applications due 12/19
  • Acceptance letter by 1/14
  • First Session in January  – 1/21 – 1/31 depending on feedback from participants

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