Taken by Tammy Shapiro.

The NYC Network of Worker Coops – Training Collective

Bringing Worker Coops as a Strategy for Employment
to your Agency or Team

A new economy based on values of justice, sustainability and democracy is growing while inequality continues to soar. Access to good work becomes ever more precarious, and sustainability hangs in the balance. We have an increasingly urgent need to own and control our own livelihoods. It is within this context that the cooperative business model has been growing exponentially in NYC and presents opportunities for individuals, businesses, industries, institutions and communities to create and cultivate just and sustainable economies. 

The Training Collective can serve anyone, from those launching a new business with friends, to those reimagining an existing business to a new structure of ownership and management, to those helping others to help themselves with effective and cooperative entrepreneurship.  

We currently offer the following eight (8) workshops, and can be flexible to your needs. Each workshop is 2 to 3 hours. 

  • Introduction to Cooperatives
  • Building a New Economy: A Basic Framework
  • Business Model Canvas: A Business Plan on One Page
  • Basic Financial Projections
  • Facilitation and Democratic Decision Making
  • Governance and Management for Cooperatives
  • Understanding Basic Cooperative Finances
  • Forming a Legal Entity

Please contact our Business Association for pricing and scheduling Tammy Shapiro, Coordinator    tammy@nycworker.coop      (646) 363-6311