The New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit business association of worker cooperatives in the New York City metropolitan area. We are a representative organization that operates on behalf of our worker cooperative business members. As such, we have three main priorities: 1) to provide direct services to worker cooperative businesses; 2) to bolster public awareness about workplace democracy, and 3) to advocate for improved business conditions for all worker cooperative businesses.

Direct services for worker cooperative businesses include: website, marketing, supply chain creation, assistance with City contracts, website, financing, succession planning and employee buyouts, incubation, board facilitation, independent board members, employee education, and business networking events. All members have the right to call or email anytime with questions about law, finance, corporate governance, and other issues.

We offer membership to worker cooperatives, democratic workplaces, startups, developers, support organizations, and individuals. Please call us for questions about membership on our hotline at (212) 390-8178

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You gain the benefit of national and local membership all with a single registration and annual dues payment! For more information, please reach out to


The NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives is dedicated to sharing and cultivating the educational, financial and technical resources of its members and supporting the growth of worker cooperatives for social and economic justice. We offer assistance to existing and new worker cooperatives in all communities within the New York City metropolitan area, with a focus on the development of cooperatives within marginalized communities.