At NYC NOWC, we are dedicated to advocating for the policies and resources needed so that worker cooperatives can thrive. To do this, we are committed to nurturing the infrastructure needed for worker-owners to stand in their power as the voices of the worker cooperative movement.
We’ve deepened these advocacy efforts through:

We’re pleased to support the Advocacy Council, an elected body of worker owners selected yearly by NYC worker owners. This body leads advocacy efforts and brings worker owner voices to policy spaces. From a cohort of 5 members in 2016, this body has grown into a cohort of 20 members strong representing all 5 boroughs of NYC who are trained in policy and advocacy for the movement, participating in related spaces, and connecting to other movements for social justice.

Working alongside the Advocacy Council and other cooperative professionals and Legal partners, we have been committed to conducting the thorough research needed for a comprehensive city and state level worker cooperative platform. While the research continues, we are working to build a platform that addresses the following issues:

• City Procurement & Contracting
• Removing Tax Barriers & Creating Incentives,
• Securing Space & Affordable Commercial Rental for Worker Cooperative
• Direct Financial Support for Worker Cooperatives
• Revamping NY State Worker Cooperative Incorporation Statutes
• Securing “Right of First Refusal” for Workers
• Educational Opportunities & Technical Assistance Support for Worker Cooperatives

As backbone of the Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative (WCBDI), NYC NOWC continues to play a critical role in coordinating and supporting WCBDI partners in:

  • Increasing discretionary funding from city council over FY18 and FY19. In FY18, we saw an increase from just over $2 million to $3.048 million and in FY19, we saw an increase to $3.6 million.
  • Securing worker-owner leadership in WCBDI. Worker owners have participated in WCBDI meetings since 2017 and received a formal vote in 2019.

Through our elected bodies, NYC NOWC’s Board and Advocacy Council, we signed onto and participated officially in various local and state campaigns

  • Green Light Campaign, driver licenses for all regardless of immigration status (a recent win!)
  • Start Smart Campaign for legalization of marijuana
  • NYC Public Bank Campaign
  • NY State Equity Agenda