Dear Members,

As NYC NOWC moves into its second decade, we are incredibly humbled by the sweat, dedication, and tenacity that our members have employed to make worker cooperatives a truly grassroots movement. Without the investment of valuable time and resources that worker-owners, developers, and allies have made over the past decade, we wouldn’t have tripled the numbers of worker cooperatives in New York City. Thanks to our collective efforts, we have developed a local ecosystem that continues to expand that opportunity to thousands of New Yorkers every year.

In this report, we will share with you the role that NYC NOWC has played in these past two years in helping to shape, amplify, and nurture this growing movement. By expanding the ability of worker-owners to have a seat at the table of important policy decisions that impact their lives, to better weaving our collective resources; we have been intentionally plugging away at building a member-led organization that is deeply reflective of the values we espouse.

As workplace democracy shifts from being a slogan into a lived reality, we envision NYC NOWC as leading that transition with not just words but deeds. Preparing this report is not only an opportunity to inform you of all our great accomplishments, but more importantly it’s an opportunity to practice accountability and transparency, empowering our membership to evaluate our successes and failures and help steer our organization moving forward.

We hope you’re able to view the work of the past two years as the culmination of a huge collective effort that is responsive to your needs, enriched by your experience, and animated by our shared ambitions. We are all truly grateful to be blazing this trail together.

Saduf, Tammy, Christina, Dre, & Pablo

To read a PDF version of the annual report, you may read here.

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