As movements mobilize to #defundpolice, we want to call in our network to invest and support the work of Black-led worker cooperatives. From Black Panther’s Free Breakfast Program to Black Southern Farmer Cooperative Traditions, the worker cooperative movement stands on the legacy of Black economic resilience and mutual aid. Let’s support a future where Black-led cooperatives thrive.

ADORNMIX is a cooperative designs and creates unique handcrafted jewelry and accessories. Follow them on instagram & facebook.

BEAUTIFULLY FED FOOD is a womxn-led collective of Black and Brown people from African and Latin-American Diasporas.  We are trained in culinary arts, nutrition, and food justice with a mission to encourage the celebration of our cultures, honor the wisdom of our bodies, and practice the traditions of our ancestors through food. Real food that nourishes us, heals us, and provides us comfort, especially now, one delicious bite at a time through the plant-forward culinary classes and food-justice education programs we teach

BREADFRUIT is a cooperative focused on woodworking and other Indigenous maker practices. We co-create and share refurbished furniture, home goods and skill shares with working-class Black, Indigenous and People of Color in NYC. Follow their work on instagram.

BROOKLYN PACKERS is a worker-owned, Black-led food sourcing, packing, and distribution cooperative. We form a conduit between farms and the city, building Brooklyn food sovereignty. As anti-capitalists under capitalism, we organize to build, and be a part of, a solidarity economy. To this end, we guarantee worker-owners the same salary and equal company voting rights; we buy from small, sustainable food businesses in our local economy, with a preference for women / LGBTQIA+ / POC-owned farms; and we facilitate community access to our products by only charging for our labor (i.e. we never mark up food). Sign up for their weekly CSA.

CARDS BY DE is a Black Queer worker-owned stationery cooperative based in NYC. Our work is grounded in racial, healing, and social justice.

FASHION THAT WORKS PRODUCTION (FTWP) is a minority worker-owned cooperative based in New York City that manufactures garments and accessories for both start-up and established designers local and world-wide. We are entirely a women-owned business founded by a group of 4 highly-skilled graduates of the Custom Collaborative sewing institute. We are guided by our shared passion to build a sustainable and ethical business.

CUSTOM COLLABORATIVE is a workforce development program and worker cooperative that trains and supports women from low-income and immigrant communities to launch fashion careers and businesses.

GREEN FEEN ORGANIX is an environmental consulting firm using Hip-Hop to teach sustainability as a lifestyle through green technology and compost education. Through exclusive partnerships, zero waste events, and organics collection, GreenFeen uses the triple bottom line theory to teach a holistic lifestyle.

GREEN WORKER COOPERATIVES  has been leading worker-cooperative development in the Bronx for 15 years. Based in the South Bronx, GWC is a Black-led organization serving immigrants and communities of color. We build, grow, and sustain worker-owned green businesses to create a strong, local, and democratic economy rooted in racial and gender equity.

HIGH MI MADRE is a womyn and femme of color Marijuana cooperative. We have been leading the movement to legalize marijuana in NY with cooperative economics. We help develop recommendations for the legislation for marijuana legalization in NY prioritizing equity, reparative justice, community reinvestment, and comprehensive expansions to the medical program. Through workshops and advocacy, our mission is to support POC in entering the legal marijuana industry and direct the economic benefits of the marijuana industry into our communities that have been targeted and devastated by the Drug War. Support their critical work by donating via venmo (@highmimadre) or Cashapp ($highmimadre)

GrooveVsn is a worker-owned design cooperative supporting organizations, businesses, and individuals. We seek to create quality work that includes brand strategy and web design. GrooveVsn aims to create sustainable and autonomous working environments for Black and POC creatives. We’re driven to provide resources to empower our communities to create their own narratives.

ITYOPIA ROOTZ is a cooperative dedicated to promoting sustainable, holistic living.This is accomplish through our non-gmo organic farming plant based catering, production of solar ànd wind energy, herbal wellness along with our education initiative. Check out their online store and catering menu.

Mi(crogreens) Oh My(celium) Farms is worker-owned, producing 100% organic and delicious microgreens and mushrooms. Produced locally in The Bronx, our mission is to provide our community with a high-quality product at a low-cost while promoting healthy diets and lifestyles.

ONPOINT SECURITY is a NYC-based Employee-owned security firm staffed by exceptionally trained security guard professionals with decades of experience.

RADIX MEDIA is a worker-owned and operated union print shop and publisher based in Brooklyn, New York, offering offset, letterpress, and digital printing services, as well as foil stamping, embossing, die-cutting, and paper duplexing. We print business cards, annual reports, posters, invitations, and much more. We also offer graphic design services ranging from logo creation and asset design to full book layout. Our name comes from the Latin root of the word radical which means to get to the root.

Skedaddle Pest Management is the premier professional Pest Control company offering residential & commercial services to our clients in the New York City area. We are known to pay exquisite attention to detail while making your satisfaction our number one priority. We are committed to solving your immediate pest problems and establishing long term control of pest activity.

SOLAR UPTOWN NOW SERVICES (S.U.N.S.) is a solar workers cooperative grounded in principles of equity, cooperation, and climate justice. Our mission is to build power and healthy communities. We install and service solar PV on primarily affordable housing in Northern Manhattan and the greater NYC area. As a cooperative, S.U.N.S. aims to contribute to just energy transition, providing training, jobs, and ownership stake in renewable energy for local communities of color.

THE CENTRAL BROOKLYN FOOD COOPERATIVE (CBFC) The Central Brooklyn Food Coop is a 100% working member-owned and –operated food store with membership open to all. Our mission is to utilize our collective strength to ensure access to affordable and fresh food while centering the Black, low-to-moderate-income communities of Central Brooklyn.

TRIBE is a Black, Queer, and Immigrant led cooperative business based in the Bronx, NY. We dream of a future where QTBIPC can live in abundance without trauma. We are creating that by dismantling white professionalism, re-imagining workplace culture, creating spaces for QTBIPOC to build a joy filled community and uplifting Black and Brown leadership, creativity, and all around magic! Support their work by becoming a Patreon member.

WOKE FOODS is a food service and food justice worker-owned cooperative focused on innovating Dominican and Afro-Caribbean plant-based foods. We provide catering services, dinner experiences, and food justice workshops that serve both communities and organizations. They recently opened a a restaurant/cafe in Cabarete, Dominican Republic!

MOFYA offers affordable, sustainable, delectable Caribbean fusion cuisine for the mind, body, soul and environment. In a few words, they provide Mobile Fusion For Every Body

OURTURNATIVES is an herbal bodega dismantling world corporate capitalism by educating our communities on plant based alternatives and herbal remedies. Our mission is to equip NYC underserved communities with the knowledge and resources to become self sustainable and work toward healthier future for black and brown people. We provide workshops, herbal consultations, variety of plant based products and Ournative perspectives.

REBELLIOUS ROOT is a New York City based, worker-owned cooperative dedicated to equity, social justice and collective liberation. As multi-racial feminist facilitators and creatives, we work towards justice and social change through trainings, curriculum design and intentional conversations.

SISTERS TEA 3 is a family owned beverage manufacturing company founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2020. We produce sparkling botanicals from Caribbean herbs and fruits. Drawing from the wisdom of our matriarch, our family is dedicated to elevating Caribbean culture and crafting a world where health and pleasure are synonymous.

THE BLACK CONFERENCE is a cooperative of performing artists engaging audiences through interactive performances designed to empower communities to take collective action.

THE HOMEGIRL BOX is a gift box inspired by the life and legacy of BOLD, FEARLESS, and VISIONARY women of color, featuring products from female-owned businesses.

UPTOWN VILLAGE is a community of maternal health professionals supporting gentle birth and postpartum, breastfeeding, and reproductive health justice in Upper Manhattan & The Bronx.

Questions? Are we missing your NYC-based worker co-op? Let us know! Email

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