This momentous year will usher in great shifts for the future of NYC and the city’s political leadership. Together, we must advocate now more than ever that our future is cooperative!  

On March 23rd, join NYC Network for Worker Cooperatives (NYC NoWC) as we celebrate the groundbreaking launch of NYC’s Future is Cooperative: A Policy Platform by & for Worker Cooperatives, the culmination of years of work by NYC NOWC members, partners and allies who identified the needs of worker cooperatives in NYC and how the city can effectively create an environment that supports them. The platform explores policies that could support worker cooperatives, related to:

  • Direct Financial Support
  • Space and Infrastructure
  • Education and Technical Assistance
  • City Procurement
  • Movements for Racial, Immigration and Budget Justice

In anticipation of the upcoming 2021 elections, we will unveil this platform in the presence of Mayoral candidates, City Council candidates and other candidates for various city offices. 

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