NYC NoWC Board of Directors Nominations

Image of people around a table with center text that reads NYC NOWC Board Nominations

Join the NYC NOWC Board of Directors (or if you know someone nominate them)!

We are asking you, our members, for recommendations and nominations to fill at least four (4) seats on our board that is slated to term out in December.  

As a member of the NYC NOWC Board, you will be part of a majority worker-owner led Board that is stewarding the NYC worker co-op movement and supporting NYC NOWC staff to build an organization that addresses the diverse needs of our worker cooperatives members.

You should run for the NYC NOWC Board of Directors if you are interested in…

  • The labor movement but more specifically worker cooperatives!
  • Building worker cooperative power across NYC and beyond! 
  • Developing a business trade association that’s committed to the needs of its members
  • Representing NYC worker cooperative community 

On average board members are dedicating 6-10 hours a month.  


  • We will be accepting recommendations and nominations for the NYC NOWC board until Friday, November 4, 2022. 
  • Nominees will be welcome to participate at our Membership Meeting on November 12, 2022 to speak to our members.
  • The ballot will be open for voting after closing nominations until December 2nd. 

Please let us know if you’d be interested or know someone who you think would be a great addition to our board. Self-nominations are accepted for consideration.    

Board Commitments:

  • Board terms are two (2) years from January 2023-December 2024
  • Co-facilitate our monthly three (3) hour board meetings
  • Participate in organizational strategic planning sessions 
  • Popularize NYC NOWC resources and membership
  • Support Advocacy Council calls of action
  • Support staff plan membership convenings 
  • Fundraising 

Committee Participation

  • Development/Fundraising
  • Executive committee
  • Audit
  • Human Resources
  • Budget
  • Elections/Governance
  • Ad Hoc Committees
  • Wordsmith
  • Conflict Resolution

Capacities: We are actively looking for:

  • NYC-based
  • Black and/or Indigenous perspective directors
  • Solidarity Economy Attorney’s
  • Movement Elders 
  • Strong and creative abundant fundraisers (Grant writing experience +)
  • Experience with NYC (NY State) Advocacy work
  • Farmers, Land Workers, and Food Sovereignty Organizers
  • Language Justice advocates with experience organizing multilingual spaces
  • Friends of the solidarity economy and other local social justice movements

**Although, we have a desire to make our Board of Directors a bilingual leadership body – NYC NOWC’s Board meetings are conducted in English only at the moment.**

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