Newly Elected Advocacy Council

NYC NOWC is proud to announce the launch of its second annual Worker-Owner Advocacy Council. The cohort of five worker-owners, elected by NYC NOWC membership through online elections, will be receiving a full day advocacy training thanks to the support of the Advocacy Institute. The workshop will be an opportunity for members of the Advocacy Council to become familiar the city and state level legislative advocacy. The Council will also learn more about the Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative (WCBDI) funded by City Council discretionary funds since 2014. Among the goals of the Advocacy Council, is to bring the voices of worker-owners to the funded initiative by providing a space for them to give feedback on programmatic priorities and the types of direct services initiative partners should offer during FY 2019, in preparation for next spring’s public advocacy efforts. Leadership Council members will also serve as representatives of worker-owners in City and State Lobbying efforts. In addition, the Leadership Council will report back to NYC NOWC members at our monthly programming events, keeping them abreast of the latest developments and collecting feedback to bring back to initiative partners and other support organizations.

Steph Wiley – Brooklyn Packers

I believe in the strength of cooperation and collaboration.  I think it’s the only way we ensure fair wages and workers right in the future. I would like to be a part if that future. I have participated in the Just Foods advocacy training in the past. 

Steph is a serial entrepreneur who believes in the power of cooperation and collaboration to ward off unjust labor practices and unfair wages. He is from Queens NY. 

Clara Calvo – Cooperative Home Care Associates

I have been working as Home Health Aid for 16 years at CHCA. I was a member of the board and I am a worker-owner. Originally from the Dominican Republic, I am trying to be part of the Council, because with the experience that I hope to acquir and what I can learn I will be able to help more in advancing the cooperative movement.

Carlos Martinez – Sunset Scholars

I would like to participate in this Advocacy Council for NYC NOWC because I want to bring ideas and new concepts to the cooperative I’m working with now. I have knowledge of how coops work but I’m always eager to add more content to my knowledge, this can be a great opportunity for myself as well as the coop.

My name is Carlos Martinez. I am an immigrant from Ecuador as well as the son of immigrant parents. I am currently a college student in York College where I’m getting my major in psychology and minor in education. This will lead me to a Social Work degree in the near future. I am a founding member of the Sunset Scholars Tutoring Coop which is now currently running for the third year. I love the work I do, whether is working with kids or adults or fellow Coop members, it’s always a pleasure to give others a learning experience.

Zeneyda Bonilla – Golden Steps Elder Care Cooperative

I want to participate to be the voice of many in our movement and help our empower our businesses. I am also interested in learning about advocacy and learn about more ways of getting involved.

Originally from El Salvador. I have been living in Brooklyn for over 13 years. I have been a member of Golden Steps since 2012. I’ve participated in the leadership committee, the marketing committee. During our second year, I served as president and the third year I was secretary. I am currently a participant in the Institute of Leadership in Coordination, at the Center for Family Life. I am proud to say that I have contributed a lot to my cooperative. At the same time, I have learned and together with my partners we have fought during critical moments to keep our business standing, and we continue!

Ruth Lopez Martinez – Pa’lante Cleaning

First of all, I have a deep desire to be part of this group, to advocate for our rights and work for cooperatives. In the past, I have worked with organizations that advocated for the rights of school children. I consider myself a community leader and I am willing to continue to learn and improve my leadership skills. I am originally from Colombian. I studied Economics and Political Science at the university. I have been the secretary of our cooperative for over 2 years. Finally, I enjoy public speaking.

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