Mentorship & Sustainability Fund Launch: Apply Today

NYC Network for Worker Cooperatives is pleased to reopen two important granting opportunities to our members!

NYC Network for Worker Cooperatives is pleased to offer the Cooperative Sustainability Fund (CSF), which supports worker coops to get the integral professional services they need. Projects must have a clearly defined scope with an identified service provider. The fund can cover up to $2000 for services. Overall, this fund serves as a flexible grant opportunity whereby coops can identify the support & solutions they need to keep their businesses sustainable.

2K max amount
15 grants available
Applications are rolling with a final deadline of June 1st.

The Mentorship Program helps pair worker cooperatives with experienced small business leaders and industry experts to coach and troubleshoot issues around growing and pivoting your business. We provide mentors a $1,500 stipend to support the cooperatives through a 5 month period.  The cooperative can choose the mentor they prefer to work with.  Each selected mentor will nurture and guide one growing worker-owned business in reaching its goals.

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