Members Can Now Request Funding to Organize their Own Programs

NYC NOWC Members

Now can request funding to organize their own programs!  

Here is how:

Program Coordinators send NYC NOWC staff a general plan with details at least one month before a program. This plan can be sent to NYC NOWC staff are happy to support program coordinators with any aspect of this plan if desired.  The plan should include:
  • Proposed Date
  • Short description of purpose and goals of the program
  • Brief overview of proposed content
  • Small budget with financial needs (ie: space, food, interpretation, childcare)
    • Description of Intended audience

NYC NOWC staff will do the following

  • Make sure proposed date does not conflict with another NYCNoWC program
  • Ensure there is enough budget to meet the request
  • Promote the program through NYCNoWC communications (if program coordinators desire)
  • Provide the interpretation equipment, if needed. (Please note: Interpretation Equipment rental fee is waived for all NYCNoWC members.  We do ask that members pay a small maintenance fee. All others must pay full rental fee).
  • Ensure that the funds are being used by various NYCNoWC members.
  • Respond within one week.

Program Coordinators sign an MOU and agree to the following:

  • Program/training/conversation is intended for people from 3 or more cooperatives, and coordinator or others will outreach to the intended audience (or ask NYCNoWC to).
  • Have all attendees fill in a sign in sheet in the appropriate format for reporting purposes.
  • Return the sign in sheet and interpretation equipment within one week of the program.
  • Open up the program to all worker-owners who fit the required criteria for the program
  • Evaluate/reflect on the program through a preferred method and share lessons that other program coordinators can learn from with NYCNoWC staff.
  • Take and share pictures for NYC NOWC communications if participants are comfortable

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