UPDATE:Thank you to all our TREMENDOUS donors. Thanks to your generosity and solidarity, we have raised over $100,000 in funds to support worker-owners in this critical time. Because we have hit staff capacity, we have to close the campaign but we encourage you to consider sustaining our work by becoming a sustainer as well as supporting other co-ops who continue their own fundraising efforts.

In solidarity,

The NYC worker cooperative movement is powered by an immigrant majority of workers–many of whom are getting impacted the quickest and hardest by COVID-19. 

Our immigrant worker co-ops–many who work in the domestic industry–have not only seen a devastating  loss in work, but many remain in the vulnerable position as essential workers in cleaning and home healthcare, continuing on the frontlines with limited to no financial relief. As federal and state assistance deploys trillions of dollars – especially to corporations – we know that many immigrant co-ops will continue without financial support because of their migratory status. It is time to show solidarity & mutual aid for these worker-owners and their families.

As NYC continues to be the epicenter of the pandemic, critical action is needed now. NYC Network for Worker Cooperatives aims to raise $150,000 toward our NYC Co-op Emergency Fund, where 100% will go to worker-owners who cannot access government relief. Through the support of grants and individual donations from people like you, this fund will go towards supporting 300 workers-owners with $500. Will you donate today?

In light of the stimulus bill, many of us have a chance to donate generously and practice mutual aid. Alongside many movement organizations, NYCNOWC has  joined the #ShareMyCheck movement to encourage those in a relatively stable position to donate all or a portion of their check to people who are not eligible – those that are historically and contemporarily most impacted by economic and health crises. Please join us and over 800 individuals in signing our pledge.

In solidarity,



  1. Hola por favor pueden decirme si estan todavia ayudando immigrantes financialmente. Muchas gracias mi familia esta en mucha ayuda por favor, no tenemos much mas dinero para comida

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