Call for Nominations to NYC NOWC’s Advocacy Council

The NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives (NYC NOWC) is launching our second Advocacy Council (formerly known as the leadership council) for 5 worker-owners who will lead NYC NOWC’s advocacy efforts.  Council members’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • NYC NOWC’s participation in the Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative (WCBDI) which has received funding from NY City Council for the past four years.  Council members participate in Initiative meetings and help coordinate feedback from the rest of NYC NOWC’s membership.
  • Identifying NYCNoWC members’ needs to inform advocacy efforts
  • Research and Campaign Development for NYC NOWC’s city and state advocacy platforms. The draft platform was put together by the 2016-2017 Leadership Council.
  • Participation in US Federation of Worker Cooperatives Policy and Racial and Economic Justice councils.  
“Leadership Council brought me, as a coop member, directly to the decision-making table – at the city hall and within the coop movement.That’s how you push grassroots to the front, not by delegating power but by creating spaces where it can be freely expressed. Amazing year!” Katarina Spasic (Bikes & Humans), former member of NYC NOWC’s Leadership Council

Advocacy Council members should expect to spend 100 hours working on Council Efforts throughout the year.  For their efforts, council members will receive a $16/hr stipend.   Council members will also receive significant training and support from NYCNoWC staff and partners.

Advocacy Council members will be supported in this process by the 2016-2017 Leadership Council, NYCNoWC staff and through orientations and trainings about how city advocacy works, co-op related policy, the worker cooperative business development initiative and other topics as needed.  

We ask that all interested participants fill out this application.  The applications will be vetted by the NYC NOWC staff and board, and final leadership members will be decided on by the NYC NOWC membership.  We hope to develop a cohort that reflects the language, age and sector demographics of worker-owners in NYC.


  • Be a worker-owner of an operating worker cooperative in the NYC area that is a member of NYCNoWC.  
  • Participate in all trainings and capacity building activities provided by the program, including a full day training on Tuesday, October 17th.
  • Be prepared to spend approximately 100 hours on Advocacy Council efforts between September 2017 and September 2018.  
  • Reply promptly to emails and other correspondence.


  • Childcare, Interpretation, and Meals will be provided at all meetings as needed.
  • Each participant will receive a stipend for their participation in the program of $16/hr.
  • Spanish or English speakers are welcome. 

Application deadline September 15th, 2017

Application / Formulario

Please complete the following information to apply for the NYC NOWC's Advocacy Council.

Por favor complete la siguiente información para postularse para el Consejo de Pólitica Pública de NYC NOWC

+1 years / años
¿Para que cooperativa trabajas?
¿Por qué deseas participar? Escriba su respuesta
¿Tienes alguna experiencia con abogando por cooperativas de trabajadores o relacionado a política pública? Si tienes experiencia, ¿Fue relacionada con cooperativas?
¿Tienes alguna experiencia organizativa?
Por favor incluya una breve biografía. Esta biografia se usará en la promoción de la elección del Consejo.

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