Board of Elections Voting Ballot

Candidates for NYC NOWC's Board of Directors

This election is limited to NYC NOWC dues-paying member cooperatives. Select 4 candidates in order of prefrence.

Candidatos para la Junta de Directores de NYC NOWC

Esta elección esta limitada a miembrxs de NYC NOWC, cooperativas que pagan quota. Seleccione cuatro candidatxs en orden de preferencia.

If you are unable to attend the in person annual member meeting to cast your vote, do you authorize a proxy to submit the choices listed on this form? It is required by New York State non profit law that voting be done in person either by the organization or by proxy.
Si no puede asistir la reunion anual de NYC NoWC para votar en persona, autoriza a un representante para entregar los votos indicados en este formato? Segun la ley estatal en Nueva York, es requerido que votos sean entregados en persona por la organización o por un representante.

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