The Shared Benefits Team Needs Your Input!

As part of the participatory budgeting for NYC NOWC, the Shared Benefits Team was selected to research a shared benefits program for NYC worker-owners, members, and possibly their customers. They are exploring ideas like discounts, loyalty programs, and shared purchasing.

At this stage of their design process, your feedback would be very useful. If you would like to share your feedback please:

(1) look through the ideas they have researched here and

(2) contact them to schedule a time to go through an interview with us.

They would love to hear from as many worker owners as possible so that our work will culminate in a more accurate reflection of what our community wants and needs. Please email them at your earliest convenience as they plan to complete interviews by April 5th.

For Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island co-ops email Ashley
For Manhattan/Bronx co-ops email Cat

We appreciate your interest in making this happen!

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