Preparing for the COVID-19 Virus as a Worker Coop

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How should worker cooperatives prepare for the COVID-19 outbreak? Join Michaela Fisher (Program Manager, NYC SBS’s Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative), Louis Fazen (Yale Occupational & Environmental Medicine Program Fellow) and Christina Fox (Occupational Health & Safety Trainer at ActionOSH) for this important webinar panel discussing this evolving situation.

Together, they will:

  • Report on programs that NYC is developing to support small businesses who may struggle during this crisis
  • Discuss best practices about how to prepare your workplace and your community, 
  • Answer questions that worker-owners may have 

This webinar will be bilingual in both English and Spanish. This webinar is free and open to everyone. RSVP to receive the webinar information.

Hosted by NYC Network for Worker Cooperatives (NYC NOWC). Sponsored by US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC)