Foundations for Worker Co-op Series: Decision Making for Worker Cooperatives

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In many worker cooperatives, an elected board is empowered to make most governance decisions through a process outlined in the company’s by-laws. In this module, we will learn how to facilitate governance meetings in order to create, assess and ratify proposals. Students will be introduced to democratic decision-making processes, discuss the function of by-laws in a worker cooperative, learn about meeting facilitation and different models of democratic decision making and simulate the cooperative decision-making process using example scenarios.

Please note: Because of high demand, this workshop is only open to NY residents. Registration does not guarantee admission. Workshop will accommodate up to 50 people; please be sure to arrive promptly to secure your spot.

This workshop is part of the Foundations for Worker Cooperative Series. Read more information here.

Facilitated by NYC NoWC Training Collective

Sponsored by NYC Network for Worker Cooperatives