Expanding Sanctuary: Building the Movement

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Immigrant-led worker cooperatives have been a successful tactic for migrant communities to build power, build wealth, and develop member-leaders. However, the recent political situation is a reminder that migrant workers and other communities remain vulnerable to injustice and disempowerment. This is a call to action to extend protection and safety to all communities facing harassment and persecution in the workplace, including all people of color, immigrants, Muslims, and people with disabilities. This session will define what expanding sanctuary means, how this strategy has been utilized over time to create safe and hate-free spaces for everyone, in particular, those being persecuted for their immigration status. We will talk about how internal policies in worker cooperatives can help to fight against harassment in the workplace, thatś how we create Sanctuary workplaces as safe spaces. We will share a new resource guide that has been recently launched by the USFWC and DAWI in collaboration with Urban Justice Center, where people can obtain information about their rights as worker-owners within the workplace and as individuals/families.

Facilitator: Ana Martina Rivas, Membership Director of the USFWC

This event is a co-production between the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and the NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives