Election Results: Advocacy Council & Member Programming

Advocacy Council Elections

NYC NOWC is proud to announce the results of our third advocacy council elections. These 5 worker-owners will lead NYC NOWC’s advocacy efforts over the next fiscal year and will be part of a growing bench of cooperative movement leaders.  The goal of this program is to build advocacy skills among worker-owners in NYC for the long term and to expand the capacity of worker-owners to advocate on their own behalf.

2018-2019 Advocacy Council Members

Raina Kennedy – Brooklyn Packers

Raina is originally from Philadelphia and has spent the last six years living in Brooklyn. After joining a CSA in 2013 she discovered both a passion for vegetables and food justice, which led her to joining a food co-op and then pursuing work in the solidarity economy full time. She currently does community outreach for Brooklyn Packers/Brooklyn Supported Agriculture (a weekly CSA/juice bar/delivery provider/any other exciting food things we think of), and is lead organizer for the Central Brooklyn Food Co-Op through the Brooklyn Movement Center (a multi-issue black-led community organizing group in Bed Stuy). She is also pursuing a Masters degree in Food Studies at New York University, where her studies focus on community food systems, policy/advocacy, and race in the food system.

Raina es originaria de Filadelfia y ha pasado los últimos seis años viviendo en Brooklyn. Después de unirse a un CSA en 2013 descubrió una pasión tanto para las verduras y la justicia alimentaria, que la llevó a unirse a una cooperativa de alimentos y luego buscar trabajo en la economía solidaria a tiempo completo. Actualmente se hace acercamiento a la comunidad de Brooklyn Packers / Brooklyn Agricultura Apoyada (un CSA semanal / bar de jugo / proveedor de entregas / cualesquiera otros elementos de alimentos interesantes que pensamos), y es el organizador principal de la cooperativa de alimentos del Brooklyn central, a través del Centro de Movimiento de Brooklyn (un grupo organizativo de varias asuntos de la comunidad en Bed Stuy, encabezado por personas afrodescendente). También está siguiendo una maestría en Estudios de Alimentos en la Universidad de Nueva York, donde sus estudios se centran en los sistemas alimentarios comunitarios, políticas / defensa y la raza en el sistema alimentario.

Emma Sarafin – Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, majoring in Accounting in the Philippines. I was born in the province of Bukidnon, Philippines. I am married and have 9 daughters. I have been in the United States for over 17 years. Over the years I have been flexible in the types of jobs that I do. I am a hard worker and love helping other coop members to become leaders. I love working with people and making a difference in my community.

Me gradué con un Bachelor of Science en Commerce, especializándome en Contabilidad en Filipinas. Nací en la provincia de Bukidnon, Filipinas. Estoy casada y tengo 9 hijas. He estado en los Estados Unidos por más de 17 años. A lo largo de los años he sido flexible en los tipos de trabajos que hago. Soy muy trabajador y me encanta ayudar a otros miembros de la cooperativa a convertirse en líderes. Me encanta trabajar con gente y hacer una diferencia en mi comunidad.

Joanna Morales – Golden Steps Elder Care Cooperative Inc.

I am Joanna Morales, originally from Panama, mother of two daughters, I live in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and I am a member of Golden Steps since 2016, currently president. I have participated in the following committees, the publicity committee, the office committee, and as vice president. This year I also participated in the Leadership Institute which gave me the opportunity to grow and acquire new knowledge and at the same time to participate in national television and local radio.

I feel very happy and it fills me with pride to be part of Golden Steps.

Soy Joanna Morales, originaria de Panamá, madre de dos hijas, vivo en Sunset Park, Brooklyn y soy miembra de Golden Steps desde el 2016, actualmente presidenta. He participado en los siguientes comités , el comité de publicidad , el comité de oficina, y como vice presidenta. Este año también participe en el Instituto de Liderazgo lo cual me dio la oportunidad de crecer y adquirir nuevos conocimientos y a la vez de participar en televisión nacional y en la radio local.

Me siento muy contenta y me llena de orgullo ser parte de Golden Steps.

Gale Johnson – Hopewell Care Childcare Cooperative

I am a single mother living in Crown Heights working as a nanny, founding member of Hopewell Care Cooperative and member of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. I am orginally from Grenada where I worked as a secretary and accountant for a real estate agent. In 2015 I became involved with the Carroll Gardens Association when they were recruiting for their nanny cooperative. Through the development process I got involved with the National Domestic Workers Alliance and ultimately became one of the founding members of Hopewell Care where I currently represent on the Finance and Training committees. In addition, I am a graduate of We Rise: Nanny Training program as a peer educator where I get the opportunity to facilitate workshops on different topics around Know Your Rights and workforce development. I am excited to bring my diverse experience as a worker owner and leader in the domestic worker movement to the broader worker cooperative movement in New York City.

Soy madre soltera y vivo en Crown Heights trabajando como niñera, miembro fundador de Hopewell Care Cooperative y miembro de Alianza Nacional de Trabajadoras Domésticas. Originariamente soy de Granada, donde trabajé como secretaria y contadora de un agente de bienes raíces. En 2015 me involucré con la Carroll Gardens Association cuando estaban reclutando para su cooperativa de niñeras. A través del proceso de desarrollo me involucré con la Alianza Nacional de Trabajadoras Domésticas y finalmente me convertí en uno de los miembros fundadores de Hopewell Care, donde actualmente represento en los comités de Finanzas y Capacitación. Además, soy graduada de la programa We Rise: Nanny Training como educador inter pares, donde tengo la oportunidad de facilitar talleres sobre diferentes temas en torno a Conocer Sus Derechos y desarrollo de la fuerza laboral. Estoy emocionada de llevar mi experiencia diversa como dueña trabajadora y líder en el movimiento de trabajadoras domésticas al movimiento cooperativo de trabajadores más amplio en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Catherine Murcek – Samakaya Yoga Back Care & Scoliosis Collective

Catherine is a New York City-based worker owner, Yoga Therapist, and dance artist with a BA in International Economics from Franklin College of Switzerland. At her cooperative, Samamkaya Yoga, she is one of the two leaders of the “Co-op Committee” tasked with strengthening co-op culture among all its members and building relationships within the co-op community in New York. She is passionate about movement, creativity, collaboration, and healing whether it be in the form of dance creation, healing aching backs, or promoting democracy in the workplace as a way to heal society from social injustice and inequality.

Catherine es una trabajadora con sede en Nueva York, Terapeuta de Yoga, y artista de danza con un BA en Economía Internacional del Colegio Franklin de Suiza. En su cooperativa, Samamkaya Yoga, ella es una de los dos líderes del “Comité Cooperativo” encargado de fortalecer la cultura cooperativa entre todos sus miembros y establecer relaciones dentro de la comunidad cooperativa en Nueva York. Ella es una apasionada del movimiento, la creatividad, la colaboración y la curación, ya sea en forma de creación de danza, sanando dolores de espalda o promoviendo la democracia en el lugar de trabajo como una forma de sanar a la sociedad de la injusticia social y la desigualdad.

2018 – 2019 Member Driven Program Awards

Advanced Topics in Bookkeeping – A Bookkeeping Cooperative (ABC)

A day-long intensive workshop where we cover more complex concepts like cash vs. accrual accounting, cash flow projections, and the nuts and bolts of using software such as Quickbooks. Offered in Spanish and English, with three bilingual facilitators.


Worker-Owner Peer Support Gatherings

Zara Serabian-Arthur, Meerkat Media
Annie Sullivan-Chin, A Bookkeeping Cooperative
Catherine Murcek, Samamkaya Yoga
Dana Skallman, The Collective for Liberation, Ecology, and Technology

The goal of this workshop series is to provide a safe space for worker-owners who are part of an operating co-op to share experiences, brainstorm, and to support one another. In our experience, many worker-owners are struggling with the same issues, and would benefit from having  more opportunities to talk directly and learn from each other. We launched this project with three successful gatherings in the last year, and will continue it this year.


Shared Benefits Program for NYC Cooperative Members

Ashley Taylor and Cat Murcek of Samamkaya Yoga

We are applying to initiate a series of design conversations with the co-op community for creating a shared benefit and marketing program for rewarding members that support other co-ops. The purpose is to strengthen the success of individual co-ops and also elevate the existence of the co-operative movement in NYC. Our goal is to create a system that helps us share our collective resources and benefit from working with each other. Another goal is help more people to know about other co-ops they can exchange with, and increase the opportunities for them to benefit from that exchange.

Estamos preparados para  identificar la violencia en el  trabajo, y tomar acciones que salven nuestra vida y negocio?.

Juan Carlos – Action OSH

Proveer información práctica sobre como confrontar la violencia en el trabajo  e identificar las estrategias para prevenirla y lograr que los participantes diseñen su propio modelo de incidente de violencia para su respectiva cooperativa.  Como reaccionar ante un evento de violencia en el lugar de trabajo.


Turning Marketing Strategies Into Sales

AdornMix (Jacqueline Gaskin, Heather Coppin)

POLIDO (Victor Davila, Harold DeJesus, Kendrick Martinez).

The purpose of this workshop series is to guide cooperatives through the process of creating an effective marketing  strategy. The purpose of this workshop series is to guide cooperatives through the process of creating an effective marketing strategy. The marketing tactics  we seek to learn about include: creating a brand that works across multiple platforms (social media, festivals, retail); using social media to grow your business (ex. instagram); creating marketing partnerships with synergistic companies and institutions; how to transform customers into energetic markers of your business; and, how to market effectively to boost online sales.

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