In celebration of the workers that give us Labor Day, NYC NOWC is calling on our community to support #COOPCARAVAN,

a $5k fundraiser to enable 50 NYC worker owners attend this year’s Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy (ECWD) in Baltimore! The biannual conference is the biggest worker cooperative event of the year and an amazing opportunity for cooperatives to skillshare, network, and learn from peers and experts. Will you make a donation to help reach our $5000 goal by October 1st?

By supporting #COOPCaravan, your support will go towards:

  • Renting a charter bus to transport 50 worker owners from various NYC coop sectors from NYC to Baltimore and back
  • Providing need-Based Stipends for Registration & Housing
  • Enabling a unique professional development for our worker owners
  • Deepening NYC solidarity economy ecosystem by building more opportunities for local and national networking

Support the worker cooperative movement.

Make a donation to support our 5K #COOPCARAVAN goal. Supporters who donate more than $25 the first week of our campaign receive a free NYCNOWC tote bag!

In solidarity,
NYC Network for Worker Cooperatives