Are you ready to scale your Cooperative but need business assistance to do so?

The Cooperative Accelerator Program is a year-long opportunity to focus on strengthening your business and taking it to the next level.  For its inaugural year, five co-ops will be selected from a variety of industries to participate in the program. The program consists of: 

Customized Training Program

This ten week training program will Identify the specific needs of YOUR cooperative, create a tailored training for growth based on YOUR needs and provide a roadmap along with one on one training designed to scale your cooperative

Industry Specific Mentorship

A mentorship component that will connect co-ops to industry mentors for support and guidance on overcoming challenges. Mentors will be selected based on unique skills and experience specific to their industry, as well as commitment to good labor practices. Participants will meet with mentors for 10-20 hours over a 5-month period after co-developing a mentorship plan.

By the end of the program, the selected co-ops will be prepared to grow and bring on new customers!

If your co-op meets the qualifications below, you are encouraged to apply by October 26th.

Program Qualifications

Must be a worker-owned cooperative. Must have been operating for at least 1 year. Must have an annual revenue of at least $150,000. Must be based in or do significant business in New York City