Worker Owner Gathering: Conflict Resolution

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The goal of the Worker Owner Gathering series is to provide a safe space for worker-owners who are part of an operating co-op to share experiences, brainstorm, and support one another. This fall, the focus of our gathering will be conflict resolution.

All organizations deal with conflict, but in worker coops, the challenges can sometimes feel unique. Interpersonal issues, misunderstandings, lack of accountability and trust, and unchecked power and privilege within groups that are striving for democracy can result in conflicts that are difficult to work through. Over a meal, we’ll share our experiences with conflict, offering lessons we’ve learned, strategies that have worked (and those that haven’t) and will have an opportunity to offer ideas and support around issues specific to our coops.

This worker-owner-only gathering will meet on November 29th in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan at 7pm. Dinner and translation will be provided. Visit the link below to RSVP and receive the meet-up location, or email for more details.