Foundations for Worker Co-ops Series: Introduction to Worker Cooperatives

Event Details

What is the history of cooperatives globally and in NYC? What types of cooperatives exist? What is the ecosystem in which they exist in NYC? What kinds of questions should you ask yourself if you are interested in starting a cooperative? 


In this overview we will provide a broad context for cooperatives and the solidarity economy and dive deeper into worker cooperatives specifically. We will explore what makes worker cooperatives different from traditional businesses, why they are a more just form of business development, and three areas of work to consider when starting a cooperative: Co-op Capacity Development, Business Development and Ecosystem Development.  This workshop will be useful for anyone interested in learning more, or starting a worker cooperative.  


About Training Collective

This session will be facilitated by the NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives’ Training Collective. The training collective is made up of current and former worker owners whose goal is to teach and promote best practices from their experiences to businesses and start-ups, and to those who want to work according to cooperative principles. (If you are an existing worker owner interested in joining the training collective, please see below about that opportunity as well! )


About Foundations for Worker Cooperatives Series

This session is the first of a 6 month series.  The series will be excellent for both groups interested in starting a worker cooperative, as well as existing worker owners who want to brush up on their skills.  All workshops will be 2.5 hours long from 6pm – 8:30pm with follow up office hours another evening for further support.  Dates and months are tentative and subject to change.