Free Initial Consultation

Are you thinking of starting a worker cooperative business? Does your worker cooperative business need help? Do you want to know what a worker cooperative is? Just call us! Our hotline is (212) 390-8178.

We offer free monthly workshops, open to the general public, but geared to worker cooperatives and co-op start-ups. Our monthly programming consists of technical training, business support, and community building events. Please check out our events calendar for an up-to-date account of our latest offerings!

We also offer free educational workshops on the basics of worker cooperatives. Does your business, nonprofit, school or want to learn more about workplace democracy? Are you thinking of Implementing a Democratic decision-making at your workplace structure? Or maybe you want to learn more about Mondragon? Just call us to schedule a training! Our hotline is (212) 390-8178.

Transfer Your Business

Are you a business owner thinking of retiring? Would you like to transition ownership to your employees? Are you aware of the significant tax incentives offered by the federal government for the sale of your business to an eligible worker-owned cooperative? We can walk you through the process! Just call us! Our hotline is(212) 390-8178.

Request direct services

We offer direct services, free of cost, for operating and start-up cooperatives. Among the services we provide are:

  • Marketing Assistance: We help you create marketing strategies, design and print promotional material including flyers and business cards, printing shirts and bags, and creating a website for your cooperative.
  • Accounting Assistance: We provide accounting and training assistance to your cooperative’s treasurer.
  • Basic English and Computer Classes: Annually we offer introductory English classes and basic computer classes, free of charge.

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