Do You Need a Business Mentor? Apply Today!


The CAP Mentorship helps pair cooperatives with experienced small business leaders and industry experts to coach and troubleshoot issues around growing and pivoting your business. We provide mentors a $1,500 stipend to support the cooperatives through a 5 month period.  The cooperative can choose the mentor they prefer to work with.  Each selected mentor will nurture and guide one growing worker-owned business in reaching its goals.

Why Mentorship?

Small businesses with a mentor succeed at twice the national average. Mentors can:  Share their unique skills and knowledge with values-driven worker-owned businesses, Help growing worker-owned businesses overcome challenges and obstacles.

$1,500 Stipend 

Mentors will be required

  • Attend an hour orientation
  • Provide 20-25 hours of mentorship over a 5-month period to help a mentee troubleshoot challenges
  • Connect the mentee with your broader network and encourage strategic networking
  • Provide feedback on the mentorship program to improve its effectiveness